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Product Description

1. WFPM Registration Form.
2. WFPM Login Form.
3. Shop vendor dashboard showing the vendor info along with the vendor product and order information.
4. Shop vendor profile setting page along with all the available fields.
5. Product page showing all the user product listing.
6. “Add Product” form along with all the available fields where vendors can add products as simple product type.
7. “Edit Product” form where vendor can update product fields.
8. Shop vendor order listing along with the product list, quantity, buyer information and order status.
9. General Settings Page where vendors can Add/Edit their Shipping and Biling Address.
10. Payment Settings Page where vendors can Add/Edit their PayPal Account email id.
11. Duplicate product setting page where vendors can ADD/Edit fields for copy products.
12. Listing of all the registered frontend Shop vendors along with their products and other information.
13. WFPM backend setting page along with all the available fields for Administrator.
14. “Adaptive Payments PayPal By WFPM” gateway page which is added in checkout options of woocommerce.
15. Display WFPM checkout option type in front-end checkout page for transaction process.
16. PayPal transaction page where buyer can instantly pay to admin and shop vendors.
17. Administrator can set per vendor commission rate on shop vendor edit page. (Override default commission rate for perticular vendor)

18. Administrator can set per product commission rate on product edit page.(Override default & per vendor commission rate for perticular product)

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19. Display the buyer’s full information who has placed an order.


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